-- Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil  --
Indra showing a 150 mm normal arc - Indra lighting fluorescent tubes held by 2 of our technicians.
___Indra is our smallest model, standing just 650 mm tall and producing arcs 150 mm in length. However it uses a CW (constant wave) drive provided by a large vacuum tube amplifier, rather than the spark gap excitation used by our other systems. This allows it to demonstrate a number of interesting RF effects, such as standing waves, current nodes, voltage nodes and quarter wave resonances.
___The rf energy from an Indra is here being used to light a pair of our custom made discharge tubes, with no physical connections these tubes provide enough light to read by! Lightsabers anyone?
___A plasma tube being used to demonstrate the standing wave pattern around an operating tesla coil, which is visible as light and dark bands along the tube
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